Korvean_Countryside.jpgSoldavar is the capital city of Korvea, and the heart of the Holy Kingdom’s church of Pelor. Straddling the banks of the Sunburst River, the city is smaller than Grume and Vesh, but still an important center of culture and trade.


The druidic tribes who lived in the region for thousands of years before Brenedon I founded Korvea considered the area around Soldavar to be holy. A great stone circle was built here, atop a thin-spot between the mortal world and the Feywild, and served as a neutral ground, where even the bitterest of enemies could settle their disputes before the eyes of their people’s most ancient and powerful gods.

In time, a town cropped up around this circle, as the nomadic tribes began to mix with foreign settlers and integrate alien ways with their own. While the circle remained ostensibly “neutral”, control of the town (and later, fortress) surrounding it became key to controlling the Sunburst and her peoples. Letheros Lightningstruck took advantage of this fact, as did Brenedon the Bold, when he cast Letheros down and claimed the land for his own—renaming the town ‘Soldavar’, and proclaiming it to be the capital of his new kingdom, Korvea.


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