House Mirr

House Mirr is a Korvean noble house, descended from nobility of Vesh. Their seat is Grume, overlooking the city proper from a hill rising from the banks of the Rundalin River. Their sigil is three red fox heads on a white field (Argent, three fox heads caboshed gules).


House Mirr traces its lineage back to a family of merchants living near the Rundalin River, who first grew rich around a thousand years ago by trading goods across the Straits of Whitetower with the people of Elatia. When the Elatians sent colonists across the straits to settle Vesh, the Mirrs quickly established themselves within the city, and eventually found themselves ushered into the city’s elite as one of the ruling noble families thanks to their impressive wealth and their existing ties as tradesmen, which went back for generations.

In the centuries that followed, the Mirrs proved invaluable to the continued prosperity of Vesh, whether as an independent power or as a protectorate of the Valindor. Ever the outsiders among the otherwise Elatian-descended nobility, House Mirr served as mediators more often than not, a role they continued to play up to the arrival of Brenedon the Bold in the 560s. Lord Tinnaen Mirr led a faction among the nobility that supported Brenedon’s crusaders, eventually leading to Vesh’s annexation by the new kingdom of Korvea.

For the part they played in winning Brenedon his kingdom, House Mirr were given titles, lands, and incomes in the Rundalin River valley. While keeping a minor foothold in the city of Vesh, the Mirrs by-and-large returned to their ancient holdings along the Rundalin, and worked to strengthen their place in Korvea. The city of Grume flourished under their guidance, and has become a rising rival of Vesh, as trade with Maizass and other powers around the Sea of Sineras has grown with the fall of Valindor in the east. The House’s frequent skirmishes with native tribes over the intervening decades came to a head in 625, when the Treeline Wars raged across the heart of the realm. The young Mirr heir, Roderig, made a name for himself fighting in these conflicts.



  • Lord Roderig Mirr, current Lord of Grume; and former member of Brenedon III’s regent council
  • Tanika Mirr, eldest child of Lord Roderig; married to Lord Savron of House Brentil
  • Sir Armand Mirr, knight; son of Roderig; and twin of Armeros
  • Sir Armeros Mirr, knight; son of Roderig; and twin of Armand


  • Lord Tinnaen Mirr, founder of the house

House Mirr

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