Korvean_City.jpgGrume is a growing port city in Korvea, sitting on the banks of the Rundalin River, and serves as the seat of House Mirr. The establishment of trade relations with Maizass and other powers around the Sea of Sineras has seen the city grow exponentially over the past one hundred years; soon, it may even eclipse nearby Vesh as the primary center of trade in the world.


Originally, the harbor around which Grume is now built was on the very southern edge of the Great Forest. The native gnome tribes were the only ones who lived there for any extended period of time, although sailors and pirates from surrounding regions occasionally stopped there, trading with the tribes, or simply carrying them and their belongings off in slave ships. Eventually, a small town was established at the mouth of the Rundalin River, which would eventually grow into the city of today.

It was with Brenedon the Bold’s coming in the 550s, and his subsequent alliance with Vesh’s merchant-princes, however, that truly put Grume center-stage. Given over to House Mirr, the leading Veshan noble family to back Brenedon I, the city continues to grow under the leadership of the shrewd Lord Roderig Mirr.


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